Personalise your gym experience

Your gym, for you.

We understand that every body has different needs and goals which is exactly why we have so many ways to personalise your gym experience. Book directly with our personal trainers below or download the app to book body scnas and fitness consultations.

UTS gym images of a woman exercising and squat at UTS activate fit gym in Sydney.

Personal Training

Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or first-timer, find a personal trainer that’s right for you. Book expert training advice and made-to-fit programs.

Body Scan

A quick scan using our Tanita scanner to calculate your body fat percentage, bone density, lean muscle mass, hydration, visceral fat and metabolic age. 2 for 1 Body Scans are also available.

Fitness Consultation (includes body
scan & program)

A“one-off PT session” where we help you get started on your journey. One of our expert trainers will help you break down your goals into achievable actions, show you exercises and write you a program.