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Body Tone

For a whole-body workout, our body tone class is the one for you. Using resistance to improve endurance, and find strength and balance you’ll sculpt and tone your entire body. Motivated by your instructor and set to an upbeat playlist you’ll be gaining strength and a good mood to boot. 

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Feel the burn in all the right places, our Pilates class is all about finding that mind-body connection. Through controlled movements and mindful breathing, we’ll work to improve core strength and posture all while sculpting the entire body. 

HIIT Gym Classes Timetable UTS


Set to a killer playlist, this class is all about HIITing those goals. Boost your heart rate with this high-energy, high-tempo class! We work in intervals to promote those mood-boosting endorphins while building strength and cardio health.

Yoga group gym classes timetable UTS


Our yoga class offers a practice that combines the total connection of movement, breath and mindfulness. Our instructors will lead you through poses and shapes that challenge the strength and flexibility of the mind and body while leaving you feeling calm and grounded both on and off the mat.

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Latino Blast

Are you ready to shake things up? Get ready to move to the beat of the rhythm (or to the beat of your own – no judgments here!) with our dance-inspired class. This class is all high-energy and all high-vibes! Move shake, sweat, laugh – you want to be part of this party!

ABT gym classes timetable UTS


Feel the burn and embrace the shake as we work on some very important assets! Our ABT class targets three main areas of the body (Abs, Booty and Thighs) Focusing on sculpting, lengthening and strengthening you’ll uncover muscles you never knew existed.

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HIIT – Weights

Build strength, increase mobility and get that heart pumping with our HIIT Weights class. The ultimate blend of cardio and strength, under the guidance of our expert instructors, you will be pushed to your limits, you’ll break a sweat and leave feeling “harder, better, faster, stronger”.