Faculty Fit

What is Faculty Fit?

The Faculty Fit Program is designed to support the UTS Faculties and their respective staff, in achieving personal fitness and wellness goals. The Faculty Fit Program, is an 8-week long program, where each Faculty, or a business unit within a faculty, can sign up to weekly classes exclusively held for your staff. The cost of the Program is $1,000, or $125 per class.

Faculty Fit Format

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8 weeks, 1 session per week, 45 minutes each session

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ActivateFit.Gym (Building 4, Level 2) or the trainers can come to you

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Class Options

Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxing

Benefits of Faculty Fit

Improved physical fitness and overall wellbeing, and enhanced mental and emotional resilience, Opportunities for team building and networking in a supportive and fun environment and Personalised guidance and support from certified instructors.

Tailor your experience

We understand each Faculty's requirements might be slightly different, and thus encourage any requests for a tailored program. Staff input is invaluable in shaping this initiative, to best suit the needs and preferences of our diverse university staff community.