Personal Training

Reasons why you may choose personal training:

  • You’re not seeing results from the work you are putting in

    If you have been consistently working out but are yet to see the desired results a personal trainer may be a good option in helping to design and implement the right training method for your body type. Your choice of trainer is important so be sure to meet with the trainer in advance to ensure your personalities match and their knowledge of exercise is appropriate for the level of training you wish to perform.

  • You don’t know where to start

    The great thing about choosing the right trainer is that they can help you maximize your exercise time whilst ensuring you are in a safe training environment. Some exercises can be confusing, so a trainer can help educate you on differing exercise intensities, eating habits and exercise programs for long term exercise enjoyment.

  • You’re bored

    It might be that you are experienced with exercise and have never had a trainer before. A personal trainer can help show you ways to spice up your current exercise routines and help to keep you motivated on those days your exercise levels are lower than usual.

  • It’s time to do something for you

    Work, life, family and relationships take up a lot of our attention causing a lot of us to fall into “ruts”. We eat the same foods, we make compromises and we begin choosing options that may not be the healthiest for us. Sometimes we need to take part in something where the focus is entirely on us and the results are entirely ours.

  • You need to be challenged

    A trainer can help motivate you past those self-imposed limitations, encouraging you to lift heavier, run faster, jump higher and challenge yourself each exercise session. This leads to greater results and an appreciation for the benefits of support and encouragement.

  • You want supervision and support during your workouts

    Working with a trainer helps to provide a safe training environment for you to test your limits each and every session. You should leave each session feeling as though you have achieved something.

  • You have a specific illness or health condition

    Issues such as arthritis, heart disease and injuries can be causes of decreases in motivation and can be harmful to health and fitness goals. Working with an experienced trainer who works with your doctor can help find the right methods to help heal or make conditions more manageable.

    At ActivateFit.Gym, our staff and qualified instructors offer personal advice and motivation on getting fit and helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

    Learn how to take control of your own exercise potential as you are educated and mentored in the best exercise methods; providing you with the greatest results.

    One hour of half hour session available.