Online Code of Conduct

Online Code of Conduct

ActivateUTS is committed to providing a safe and inclusive online environment. We ask that all attendees who participate in any live streaming event, promote a friendly and positive experience.

We believe everyone has the right to live, study and work safely. UTS is proud to be an active member of the national Respect.Now.Always campaign that aims to eliminate sexual assault and harassment on Australian campuses and that campus includes the online environment.

By participating in an ActivateUTS live stream activity, you must abide to the UTS Student Misconduct Rules. These rules apply to a person who was a UTS student at the time of the misconduct, whilst pursuing any activity related to his or her University enrolment.

Examples of misconduct includes but are not limited to:

  • impersonating another student, or arranging for anyone to impersonate a student
  • interfering with the freedom of others
  • damage to property
  • bullying, including cyber bullying
  • discrimination
  • harassment
  • inappropriate behaviour
  • making an unauthorised disclosure and/or misusing Student Security Identification

Penalties apply for those who do not abide by the UTS Student Misconduct Rules.

To protect the community, ActivateUTS reserves the right to suspend any attendee at any time for any conduct that we determined to be inappropriate or harmful.

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