Three reasons to take a gym class

Need some inspiration to get back to the gym? Here are three reasons why it’s time to put on your sneakers, grab your towel and head down to your favourite class at ActivateFit.Gym.

1. We’re serious about COVID safety

COVID-19 safety planning is a way of life at the ActivateFit.Gym these days. With hand sanitiser stations set up around the gym, machines and equipment at the requisite 1.5 metres apart, caps on the number of people allowed in the gym at anyone one time and a bring-your-own towel policy, there’s lots of reasons to feel confident that we’ve got all things COVID under control. We’ve even got a team of COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshals keeping things sparkling clean. 

It’s a similar story in our classes, according to ActivateFit trainer Vicky Murray, who teaches yoga and pilates. 

“We remind clients all the time to wash their hands and use the sanitiser – that’s always there. In class, we always spread out; that’s a must. Everybody is on their spot. If someone is new to the gym, we remind them of the rules,” Vicky says. 

“Activate has the highest standards. They’ve always been on top of it.” 

2. There’s no such thing as ‘not fit enough’

If you and your couch have developed an unbreakable bond over winter, it’s understandable that you might think you + gym = never going to happen. What if you get puffed doing an exercise you used to find easy? What if you can’t lift heavy weights anymore? Stop it! 2020 has been an exceptional year (in a negative way, obviously). There’s no way you’re going to be the only person who’s less fit than you were six months ago. 

So, stop talking yourself down and start setting yourself a few goals. Attending a regular class can provide a bit of structure to your fitness planning and can also connect with you with skilled trainers – like Vicky – who’ll help you stay focused. 

“It’s really about putting some blinkers on and worrying about how you progress every time you walk through that door. It’s not about worrying about what every other person’s fitness level is,” Vicky says. 

“You’ve just got to keep reminding yourself that the only competition is with yourself.” 

3. Physical fitness is good for your mental health

October is Mental Health Month, which means there’s never been a better time to start getting back to better health. In fact, there’s a proven link between physical fitness and improved emotional wellbeing – just ask the Black Dog Institute. In a 2017 study, they found that regular exercise of any intensity can prevent future depression. That’s a pretty good reason for just moving your body a few times a week. 

What’s more, sometimes hitting the gym is less about achieving peak fitness and more about changing your environment, making some friendly small talk and surrounding yourself with people who want to see you better yourself – and where better to do that than in an ActivateFit class?

“Coming to a class you enjoy with an instructor you like can be really good for you – and you’re getting fit as well. For me, it’s about saying, ‘How are you?’ and looking the client in the eye and talking to them,” Vicky says.

“I love that side of it, where you have a chat with a client and you get to know them a little bit. It’s really beautiful.”